Spinach and Turmeric Fish Curry (4)

A delicious curry from ” Dominique’s Kitchen” by Dominique Woolf. You can omit the chilli for a child friendly version. You can add a few prawns as well if you like, or use them instead of the fish. Serve with rice or rotis.

Tuna with Sicilian Potato Salad (4)

I found this recipe for Tuna in ” Lobster & Chips” by Trish Hilferty, one of my go to fish cookbooks. She inherited it from Tom Norrington Davis and they both worked at the renowned Eagle in London. You need to use really fesh tuna and waxy potatoes such as Charlotte. The tuna could be replaced with swordfish or other robust meaty fish. The tuna will be medium rare which is the best way to eat it, but if you prefer cook it for a little longer.