Duck Sours with Pommes Anna (2)

Another recipe from Claire Thomson’s ” Home Cookery Year” which was so good i cooked the same again for myself the next day. The Pommes Anna would go with other recipes too, and this is an easy way to make them in the oven rather than on the hob.

Duck with Rum (4-6)

This recipe from Guadeloupe is best made with richly flavoured dark rum from the French Islands, but any good dark rum will do. This is from ” The Cooking of the Caribbean” by Elizabeth Lambert Ortiz.

Duck with Sour Cherry Confit(4)

This is from ” Delia’s How to Cook; Book Two” and is a great way of roasting duck. The duck does need to be as dry as possible so buy it 24 hours in advance, remove and discard the giblets then dry with kitchen paper. Leave on a plate in the fridge uncovered overnight, At the same time put the cherries to soak overnight in the red wine,