Mozzarella with Roast Stone Fruit (4)

I am continuing to cook my way through ” New Kitchen Basics” by Claire Thomson and eagerly awaiting her next book which is out in September. Use the best quality cheese for this summery recipe . Peaches work best as the fruit, but any ripe stone fruit will work. You can leave out the bread if wished, but it bulks it up a bit if included.

Beetroot, Carrot and Goat’s Cheese Salad (4)

I grew up eating beetroot from my parent’s allotment, always cooked in a pressure cooker, and freshly cooked beetroot remains one of my favourite vegetables. My friend Angela pointed me to this recipe from and as I already had most of the ingredients I decided to cook it the same day.Slight tweak when i got to my local green grocer’s and saw they had bunches of heritage beetroot. Delicious and refreshing especially for scorching days like this….carrot, beetroot and orange are such a classic combination.