Dal and Pumpkin Soup (4)

This delicious and filling soup is from ” The Kitchen Diaries” by Nigel Slater. It is a recipe i have intended to cook for years which i finally made during Lockdown 3 in the UK in January 2021. Soothing comfort food at its best. I served some Irish Soda bread alongside , but you don’t really need it unless you are very hungry.

Ful Medames (4)

A spicy bean stew which is often eaten for breakfast throughout the Middle East and North Africa. In 1980 I spent a month in Egypt staying in youth hostels and with very little money, and this is what we ate, daily. This version is from ” The Little Book of Brunch” by Caroline Craig and Sophie Missing.

Black Eyed Beans with Spinach and Dill (6)

A recipe with Persian influences from the Sindh region of Pakistan to serve with rice and pickles of your choice. The souring ingredient is the dried persian lime which you can get in middle eastern grocers or many supermarkets. To use, crack open and discard the black insides and any seeds, then lightly crush the dried pulp. The recipe is from ” Madhur Jaffrey’s Ultimate Curry Bible”.