Jazmaz (4)

A Syrian version of the simple and popular middle eastern dish of eggs with spicy tomatoes known as Shakshuka. Its’s from ” Sumac” by Anas Atassi. It can be served at any time of day and is good accompanied by flatbread, baguette or oven chips.

Masala Omelette (1)

A version of this Keralan breakfast favourite from ” Nigella Bites” by Nigella Lawson. If you like you could add some grated ginger or chopped fresh mint. For a more filling dish roll it up in a warmed chappati.

Courgette and Smoked Cheese Frittata (4-6)

I already have a few recipes for courgette frittata on my site but could not resist trying this one from Thomasina Miers. The courgettes are roasted in the oven first, and the smoked cheese works really well, giving an almost meaty flavour. You can buy Scamorza ( smoked Mozzarella) in most Italian delicatessens and some larger supermarkets, but if you cant find this then use ordinary mozzarella.