Chocolate and Almond Cake (8-10)

I visited a local Italian restaurant with friends last night and unfortunately the food was somewhat underwhelming . The best course was my dessert of Torta Caprese, but even then I felt there was room for improvement. This is a chocolatey, moist and dense cake from Rachel Roddy’s ” Two Kitchens”. You can eat as a cake or serve as a pudding with cold cream or ice cream as you prefer.

Budino di cioccolato (6)

I came across this Italian chocolate pudding on a recent trip to Italy when i was keen to try something other than Tiramasu for dessert. This is a simple version from Rachel Roddy but both versions I had benefited from the addition of Amaretto, either added to the pudding itself or as biscuit crumbs sprinkled on top. Or both….