Apple Cake

A quick and simple Italian apple cake from ” Twelve: A Tuscan Cookbook” by Tessa Kiros. Its best made on the day you want to eat it as it does not keep well. If you like you can add a couple of Tablespoons of Vin Santo or another liquer to the batter. Serve on its own or with fresh whipped cream.

Apples in Cider Brandy Sauce (4)

A perfect dessert to serve warm with ice cream, or leave out the brandy and serve for breakfast with yoghurt and granola. You can replace the cinnamon and use other spices if you like- vanilla and ginger both work well. This is another recipe from “Apple” by James Rich.

Apple Vodka ( 1 litre)

Another recipe from my new book ” Apple” by James Rich. Serve as a base for cocktails, on the rocks or with some elderflower cordial and sparkling water. You dont need to peel the apples and could replace some of them with blackberries or cinnamon for an alternative taste.

Apple and Vanilla Compote (4)

Its the beginning of the apple season here is the UK and as a member and the Treasurer of our local community orchard i know i can look forward to a bounty of apples over the coming weeks. I am trying to refrain from buying any more cookery books but came across ” Apple” by James Rich in my local charity shop today and it clearly had my name on it. James is the son of a Somerset cider farmer and has a wealth of knowledge about growing and using the fruit. You can be sure there will be quite a few recipes for apples coming your way over the next few weeks. Serve this with granola and yoghurt for breakfast.

Apple Cider Cake (10-12)

A ” secret” recipe from Devon which can be found in ” Food Glorious Food”, based on the ITV series where they searched for Britain’s best recipes. Serve hot as a pudding with clotted cream, custard or ice cream, or cold at tea time.