Black Pudding, Bacon and Potato Hash (4)

This restorative recipe is from The Bicycle Shop in Norwich and I found it in ” The Norfolk Cook Book”. They serve it with Spinach and Poached Eggs, and recommend a Bloody or Virgin Mary on the side. In September 2023 I will be staying in Norfolk for a couple of weeks and I am really looking forward to trying some of the local produce, especially the seafood.

Beetroot Tops (4-6)

If you get fresh beetroot with the leaves still attached- or grow your own- then this is a very good way to use the leaves. They taste like chard, and if they look a little limp just pop them in some ice cold water for a few minutes to perk them up and then dry with a tea towel or kitchen paper. The recipe is from ” Summer Kitchens” by Olia Hercules.

Green Beans Cooked in Tomatoes (4)

Another favourite Armenian side dish from ” Home Food” by Olia Hercules. If fresh beans are not available you can use frozen. You can also poach some eggs in the dish to serve as a brunch or supper. You can serve with fresh bread or flatbreads. If you have leftover beans you can reheat the next day and whisk through some beaten raw eggs to make a version of scrambled eggs.