Potatoes, Eggs and Asparagus with Green Sauce (4)

Another recipe to make the most of the British asparagus season from Rachel Roddy.

Potatoes, Eggs and Asparagus with Green Sauce (4)
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Potatoes, Eggs and Asparagus with Green Sauce (4)
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  1. Pick the leaves off the basil and parsley, and put them in a blender with the anchovy fillets, garlic, capers, pine nuts and 50ml of the olive oil, thenblend to a rough paste. Scrape into a bowl and add another 50-100ml olive oil, stirring as you go, to achieve a consistency you like. Taste and add salt, if required.
  2. Bring a small pan of water to a boil. Lower in the eggs and boil for eight minutes if you want a soft centre, or 10 for hard-boiled. Lift out the eggs and put them in a bowl of cold water for two minutes. Gently crack the shells with the back of a spoon, return the eggs to the cold water for another minute, then peel them.
  3. Meanwhile, put 1kg scrubbed or peeled new potatoes (halve them if they’re big) in a pan large to enough to hold a small bunch of asparagus too, then cover with water and add salt. Bring to a boil, then cook for 10 minutes, until they are tender; add the asparagus according to its size, so it is cooked at the same time as the potatoes.
  4. Drain and tip both on to a warm platter, then nestle the halved eggs and (if you want) curls of butter or some olive oil in the cracks. Serve with bread and the green sauce on the side.
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