Sausages with Parmesan Polenta (4)

I recently visited the north of Italy where i returned to the same restaurant in Stresa on Lake Maggiore three times . Their seasonal special, home made sausages with chestnuts and polenta, was so tasty I had it twice. I haven’t been able to find a recipe for that dish, but this dish from ” Rick Stein’s Food Heroes” is a good second best. If you cannot get hold of Luganega sausages in your local Italian deli then any Italian sausages flavoured with garlic and fennel will do.

Budino di cioccolato (6)

I came across this Italian chocolate pudding on a recent trip to Italy when i was keen to try something other than Tiramasu for dessert. This is a simple version from Rachel Roddy but both versions I had benefited from the addition of Amaretto, either added to the pudding itself or as biscuit crumbs sprinkled on top. Or both….