When I first set up my recipe website  I had no intention of becoming a blogger ( indeed the word was unknown) , working full time in a demanding job and already leading a very full life. And so this  isn’t really a blog, just a collection of recipes that I have cooked and enjoyed over the years  from  my extensive (and still growing) collection of cookbooks. You won’t get adverts and you won’t get videos. Its just about sharing the recipes so you can all enjoy good food in your own homes. My own diet now is mostly vegetarian, though i do occasionally eat meat and fish, and i particularly enjoy food from the Middle East and Asia.

My site first started  many years ago- 1996 to be precise,  when the internet was in relative infancy. My now deceased partner Laurence  set up a recipe website for me called Sue’s Recipe Server to share recipes i had enjoyed.I used to write them all down on cards in a card index but Laurence was an Access Developer and set up a database for me  to keep them,  then wrote the html script to get them on to the World Wide Web . I think I may well have had the first UK recipe website- it was well before Delia Smith and others were posting recipes online!! Over five thousand people a week  from all over the world would regularly visit my site and many would contact me through the site asking for particular recipes. How different it is now with many well known recipe writers published online and the multitude of food blogs out there. So I don’t attempt to compete and i get nothing like the same number of users, but keep on doing it because I love food and want to share the love.

The original site , with over 1500 recipes, was based on an Access 2 database which  I managed to maintain  for a while  following Laurence’s  sudden  death in 2010 . Finally the Server went down after  a lengthy power cut, never to reboot, so i decided i had to go for external hosting. At the same time a new PC for myself meant an  updated version of Access, and an apparent inability to run the old Access 2 database on the same machine perhaps reflecting my lack of technical knowledge. Faced with not even being able to store my recipes locally in an organised way , and with no programming skills whatsover, I had to look for a new way of doing things. Hence the move to WordPress . Many years later I am still gradually transferring the 1500 recipes alongside adding new ones and  suspect this will always be a bit of a work in progress!

Enjoy, please share and spread the love.

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  1. Hello Sue, i have looked up the recipe on your site “Mushrooms in Fennel and Ginger”. It is a wonderful dish with flavours that mesh together beautifully.

    Are you aware that thecrecipe is from Madhur Jaffreys Indian Cookbook “A Taste of India”?
    I think you should give a credit for where the recipe came from. The wording you have posted is exactly the same.

    Great recipe though.

    • Thanks David, the recipe is, and has always been, tagged as a Madhur Jaffrey recipe.There are many of hers on my site as she is one of my very favourite authors. These days i do usually record the publication when i have taken it directly out of a recipe book. In this case there was a series of Madhur Jaffrey recipes in The Observer , i think in the early 1990s , where I copied this recipe from . However, I will now add the details of the book it can be found in. Best wishes, Sue

  2. Helloo

    Do we subscribe to get new emails / recipes ? How does it work ?

    Thankyou Sara

    I just got your site through googling for River Cafe spinach and peas recipe –

    I’m not sure where my recipe book is with it in –

    I would love to get your new recipes when they go on –

    Thankyou very much indeed!

    • Hi Sara, thank you for your comment. At the top right of my recipe site ( under a search box) there is a little icon which takes you through to my facebook page. I regularly post new recipes on there, so if you use Facebook you could Like/ Follow the page and you will see them. I used to post all new recipes on there but then decided it might be bit too much for my followers so i stopped automatically posting. Im sure it must be possible for people to subscribe directly to my website if they really want to see all new posts, but will have to experiment with this as i have apparently never set it up- no wonder i have no subscribers on my website! Best wishes

    • Ive had a look and i think because of the way it is set up it does not recognise when i post recipes so although i can succesfully set up subscribers they wint get a regular feed when i post recipes, So if you use Facebook thats a good option , but if not just keep checking back. Sorry , Im not that technically minded!

      • I just looked again as I never heard back ! And see you replied but I’m not on Facebook so I will bookmark it now not to
        Loose it and check back regularly


  3. I was recommended to try your Duck in Rum recipe by my husband’s 86 year old aunt, who I had the pleasure of recently meeting.
    Now my children have flown the nest, I am trying some new recipes to relight my passion for cooking again, now that it’s only the two of us.
    I was very sad to read that you had lost Laurence and hope that time is helping you to heal.
    Many thanks.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your recipes. I came across your site randomly today, but remember the original site and one of my all time favourite recipes came from it – a seafood pie with mussels, saffron and a puff pastry top. I can’t see it on here, but I’m sure I still have it somewhere on a splattered print out.

    I’m so glad you are back online. I am very sorry for your loss, but it is lovely to hear your story and remember when the internet was a very different and in many way gentler place. With best wishes.

  5. Thank you so much for posting this recipe, Sue.
    I am of your vintage and Mushroom Timbale is our very popular Christmas Dinner. This year we have promised it for the first time for Easter Dinner for the gathered clan at a relative’s home some distance away. Unfortunately, we packed some of the ingredients but not the (battered old) copy of “Not just a load of old lentils”.

    Of course, I don’t remember exactly how to make it – we only have it once a year!
    Your posting has saved my blushes at the family Easter!

  6. Dear Sue, You have no idea how much I have loved and shared your recipes, especially your Thai Green Curry Mussels. I am so sorry to hear about your partner and thank you for explaining your absence on the internet. Your recipes have brought so much pleasure to so many people. Thank you.

  7. Hi Sue,
    I just wanted to say welcome back online. I was an avid reader of your recipes and have made many delicious meals on your inspiration! Not least of all the sea bass with potatoes and tomatoes which I was searching for without success when I found this. I am very sorry for your loss but it is great to know you had such a legacy with your recipes. It will be a fantastic achievement to get them all back online, and I very much look forward to seeing and following them again. It is lovely to know about the origin of the recipe server and the story behind it and I wish you all the best in your endeavour.

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