Blackberry and Apple Gin

This is another recipe from Sarah Raven . You can replace the gin with vodka if wished, or if you have plenty of blackberries why not make one of each and give some away in 250 ml bottles as presents,

Rhubarb and Ginger Vodka (750 ml)

When my allotment yields plenty of rhubarb one of the first things i do is make something alcoholic.This is my go to recipe from Sarah Raven.You can serve as a frozen shot, or as a longer drink with tonic. Cheers!

Cherry Shrub (500 ml)

A shrub is a type of fruit cordial made with a mild vinegar which acts as a preservative. To serve, pour about 40 ml per person over ice and top up with sparkling water, soda or wine. The leftover cherries can be served with ice cream or with a goats cheese salad. They also go well with grilled lamb.