Pastel de Choclo (6)

Some years ago i spent a few weeks in Chile with a friend and this meat pie with a corn topping was often on the menu. It quickly became a favourite and I cooked it a couple of times on my return but had forgotten all about it until i saw this recipe by Raul Diaz.

Simple Stroganoff (4)

This version of beef stroganoff is from Delia Smith’s ” Complete Cookery Course”. It uses chuck steak which needs a longer cooking time than the recipe i have posted for Beef Stroganoff. Serve with plain boiled rice and a green salad.

Picadillo (6-8)

This beef hash is one of Cuba’s most popular dishes and it is also found in parts of Latin America. It can be served simply with just plain rice to accompany, or with black beans and rice, perhaps topped with a fried egg. This is from ” The Cooking of the Caribbean” by Elizabeth Lambert Ortiz.