Crab Tacos with Chilli, Lime and Avocado (4)

On a recent trip to Mexico I dined out on Tacos a lot. I discovered that they could come in a variety of forms- sometimes with a soft tortilla, sometimes a crispier shell and sometimes wrapped. I never knew which version I was going to get, but they were all delicious. I particularly enjoyed them in a small cafe in Merida- it looked nothing from the outside but the Tacos definitely were up there with the best. These are from ” The Road to Mexico” by Rick Stein and make a great starter.

Chilaquiles (4)

A recent trip to Mexico introduced me to a much wider range of Mexican food than I had previously sampled. These fried tortilla chips with salsa and cheese are a great way to use up stale tortillas which are cut in triangles then fried or baked . They are known as totopos and frequently appeared on breakfast buffets. This recipe is for the green sauce version and I found it in ” The Road to Mexico” by Rick Stein. It would usually be served with a spoonful or two of refried beans.

Eggs with Spiced Tomato Gravy (4)

A quick supper especially if you have a glut of ripe tomatoes readily available. If you dont have fresh tomatoes use tinned whole plum tomatoes, drained of their liquid. If you like you can add peas to the gravy. You could also use mozzarella cheese instead of the eggs and finish under the grill. Serve with naan or bread to mop up the juices. The recipe is from ” Ammu” by Asma Khan,