Prawn and Marrow Soup (2)

A tasty soup from ” The Vietnamese Market Cookbook”. It calls for Gia which can usually be brought in Oriental Supermarkets but is easy to prepare at home. Mix 2 parts sugar, 1 part sea salt, 1 part ground black pepper and 1 part garlic powder. Store in a jar.

Prawn Tamarind (2)

If I had to pick one cuisine to eat for the rest of my life it would most probably be the food of Vietnam. I very much miss my local Vietnamese restaurants that i used to visit from time to time in Hackney and Shoreditch before I moved to Bristol . Today I am going to share a few recipes from ” The Vietnamese Market Cookbook” by Van Tran and Anh Vu. The two women started with a little stall selling Banh Mi and good Vietnamese Coffee in Broadway Market before running a supper club and eventually opening restaurants in Shoreditch and Clerkenwell.