Lentils with Pomegranate and Cashews (4)

My friend Angela introduced me to this colourful and healthy all in one daal from Rukmini Iyer’s ” The Green Roasting Tin”. It was so good i had to cook it myself a few days later, omitting the cashews and serving with sausages. But it is also very good on its own, served with naan or rice. I was a bit doubtful that the lentils would cook properly in the oven, but they were perfect.

Fish Curry with Potatoes (6)

Another Bangladeshi recipe from Rick Stein’s ” Far Eastern Odyssey”. They would use a local river fish could Rui, but you have to adapt to what is available. A firmer fish works best, other fish can be used but may break up a bit during cooking.

Jalfrezi Peppers with Chickpeas (4)

Last nights supper was this easy curry from ” New Kitchen Basics” by Claire Thomson. She suggests serving with plain rice or Indian flatbreads, but i substituted couscous and that worked well. Either way accompany with some Indian chutney and/or pickles if you have them.