Crab Tacos with Chilli, Lime and Avocado (4)

On a recent trip to Mexico I dined out on Tacos a lot. I discovered that they could come in a variety of forms- sometimes with a soft tortilla, sometimes a crispier shell and sometimes wrapped. I never knew which version I was going to get, but they were all delicious. I particularly enjoyed them in a small cafe in Merida- it looked nothing from the outside but the Tacos definitely were up there with the best. These are from ” The Road to Mexico” by Rick Stein and make a great starter.

Crab Crumble (4)

A recipe from ” The Hidden Hut” by Simon Stallard. Its good to make this in winter in the UK when crabs are usually both cheaper to buy and richer in the brown meat which makes this dish rich and flavoursome. Two whole crabs will give you about the right amount of crabmeat for this dish.

Prawn Croquettes (8)

Another favourite from Bengal which I found in Asma Khan’s ” Ammu”. With British and Portuguese influences recipes like this would have originated as railway meals for the colonial elite, but later spread to the general public.

Lobster Macaroni Cheese (4)

A luxurious version of Macaroni cheese from ” The Seafood Shack ” by Kirstie Scobie and Fenella Renwick. I visited Ullapool in the 1980s but this makes me want to return to try out the original version and other good things this restaurant serves.