Lamb Shoulder with Herbs and Preserved Lemons (6-8)

A recipe from the excellent book ” Home Food” by Olia Hercules. It can be served with grains such as couscous or freekah but also with rice, boiled and crushed potatoes or flatbreads . Lamb shanks can be used as a cheaper alternative to shoulder if you like. If you like you can shred the cooked lamb and mix it with the juices up to a day before and keep in the fridge, then just reheat in a lidded pan with a splash of water mixed in, or in a foil baking tray, before serving.

Courgettes with Mint and Garlic (4)

This Italian recipe for courgettes ( Zucchini alla Scapece) can be served as an antipasti or would go well alongside fish. Its best to make them 24 hours in advance to allow them plenty of time to marinate, but at a push a couple of hours will suffice. This version is from Rachel Roddy.