Cypriot Keftedes (6)

I was reminded how delicious these meatballs are on a recent visit to the island. I was served a very generous portion which I managed to devour in a restaurant in Platres. They are also very good served cold the following day. This recipe is from ” Home Food” by Olia Hercules.Serve with a salad or stuffed into a pitta with some shredded lettuce, ripe tomatoes , sliced red onions and green pepper, grated feta and tzatziki.

Giant Cheese on Toast (6)

A fancy cheese on toast for brunch . You can cut it up into quarters and serve with a crisp salad for lunch or dinner. Or you can cut into smaller squares and serve as a sharing snack. The recipe is from ” Mezcla” by Ixta Belfrage and can be doubled for a crowd.

Chicken Shish Kebabs (6)

More kebabs from the Syrian cookbook ” Sumac” by Anas Atassi. These are usually served in a middle eastern flatbread but also very good served with aioli to dip the kebabs into before devouring greedily. If you are using a barbecue to cook them they will take 6-8 minutes, turning often.Drizzle with the honey just before the end of the cooking.