Black Pudding, Bacon and Potato Hash (4)

This restorative recipe is from The Bicycle Shop in Norwich and I found it in ” The Norfolk Cook Book”. They serve it with Spinach and Poached Eggs, and recommend a Bloody or Virgin Mary on the side. In September 2023 I will be staying in Norfolk for a couple of weeks and I am really looking forward to trying some of the local produce, especially the seafood.

Prince Prawns (6)

A recipe from Rosamund Grant’s ” Caribbean and African Cookery”. Many years ago she provided the catering for a Prince (RIP) tour and this dish was often requested, hence the name. Serve with rice or cornbread.

Bombay Eggs (4)

I love eggs with tomatoes and many countries have recipes for them that would be traditionally served at breakfast time with bread such as the middle eastern Shakshuka and Mexican Huevos Rancheros. While i sometimes have them for brunch i like to serve them as a supper dish with some oven roasted chips.

This version is an old Parsi recipe from ” Made in India” by Meera Sodha.

Prawn Potlicker (3)

A Caribbean recipe from Rosamund Grant’s ” Caribbean and African Cookery” 1989. I very much enjoyed going to her restaurant Bambaya in North London in the 1980’s and brought this recipe book for a good friend Steve , but somehow ended up with the copy in my own collection….

Spinach Bhaji (4)

Spinach BhajiThis is a recipe for spinach that i return to often. Its from Das Sreedharans ” Fresh Flavours of India” (1999). Das has a small chain of restaurants in London . The first opened in Stoke Newington Church Street in the nineties  and is called Rasa. This restaurant is solely vegatarian and has a fairly extensive range of dishes from Southern India. For those who prefer meat and fish there is another branch of the chain almost opposite called Rasa Travancore. Both are recommended if you are visiting the area.

Serve this dish as a side dish, or with a naan bread.

Southern Indian Spinach Curry (4)

On a bit of a roll with spinach recipes at the moment. It is one of my favourite vegetables and very good for you . You could use chard as an alternative, but the stems will need to be cooked for longer than the leaves. Serve as part of a meal alongside other Indian dishes.