Mayan Hot Chocolate (4)

On a recent trip to Mexico I was introduced to Chocolateria and discovered their delightful hot chocolate.And as they invented the drink I would expect nothing less. Here’s a version from ” Bold” by Nisha Katoona.

Vanessa’s De Beauvoir Chutney ( 5x 500g jars)

An excellent chutney which used to be sold in the De Beauvoir Deli in Southgate Road, Islington. I found the recipe in ” Notes from a Small Kitchen Island” by Debora Robertson. It will improve over time and is best stored for a couple of months in a cool dry place before opening.Unopened jars will keep for a year Once opened, store in the fridge and eat within two weeks.

Bazargan (6-8)

A version of this Syrian cracked wheat and nut salad which I found in ” Tamasin’s Weekend Food” by Tamasin Day-Lewis. For a more elaborate dish see the Severnshed Bazargan recipe on this site. It’s best to make this a few hours before serving if you have time, so that the wheat fully absorbs the dressing.

Chilli con Carne (4)

This is Thomasina Miers version and I cannot think of anyone better to turn to for a definitive recipe. If you cannot get hold of chipotles en adobe mix two tablespoons of tomato puree or ketchup with a tablespoon of hot smoked pimenton and add dried chillies to taste. Make this the day before if you can as the flavour will be much improved the next day.