Mayan Hot Chocolate (4)

On a recent trip to Mexico I was introduced to Chocolateria and discovered their delightful hot chocolate.And as they invented the drink I would expect nothing less. Here’s a version from ” Bold” by Nisha Katoona.

Beetroot Kvas

An ancient recipe for an addictive Ukranian drink which can also be used to add a sour note to Borsch and other dishes. The recipe is from ” Summer Kitchens” by Olia Hercules and makes 3 x 700 ml bottles.

Jallab (6)

A refreshing drink which is popular during Ramadan from ” Sumac” by Anas Atassi. If you have a good Middle Eastern store nearby you may be able to buy ready made Jallab syrup, but if not you need to mix the grape and date molasses in equal amounts yourself.

Apple Vodka ( 1 litre)

Another recipe from my new book ” Apple” by James Rich. Serve as a base for cocktails, on the rocks or with some elderflower cordial and sparkling water. You dont need to peel the apples and could replace some of them with blackberries or cinnamon for an alternative taste.