Chicken Karai (4-6)

Another recipe from ” Ammu” by Asma Khan. The gravy is quite thick so its very good served with rotis, but you can also serve it with rice. It can also be made with lamb or beef, but you need to extend the marinating and cooking times.

Saffron Rice (4)

A subtly scented rice served at weddings and special occasions in much of the Muslim world. The rice needs to be soaked for three hours before cooking but after this it is very quick to cook. This version is from ” Moro:the Cookbook” by Sam and Sam Clark.

Prawn Pilaf (4)

Rick Stein’s “Seafood Odyssey” was published in 1999 and I have a few favourite recipes from that book to share. Living in north London at the time, every weekend we would visit the shellfish stall at Chapel Market to buy pints of freshly cooked shell on North Atlantic Prawns and a tub of cockles, or sometimes a crab. We would eat the prawns with mayonnaise or use them to make one of several prawn curry recipes we liked. This was usually followed by a visit to the famous fishmonger Steve Hatt’s on Essex Road to complete our shopping . This is a simple supper dish to enjoy with some chilled white wine .

Rhubarb Fool (6)

Rhubarb Fool is one of my favourite recipes for spring rhubarb . This version is from Sophie Grigson.You could replace half the cream with some greek yoghurt if preferred.You dont need to whip the yoghurt though- just fold in with the whipped cream.