Cha Kroeung Chicken (4-5)

A spicy chicken and lemongrass stir fry from Cambodia. The recipe is from Y Sok, a Cambodian refugee who came to the UK aged 37 after first migrating to the USA with her family. She runs Kambuja restaurant in the Marple area of Greater Manchester.

Sopa de Ajo (4)

A favourite Spanish soup from ” Cook “, the first recipe book by Thomasina Miers which I bought in 2007 and which i think is now out of print. If your guests are squeamish about runny eggs poach the eggs in the soup or separately before serving , but the Spanish would never do this!

Vietnamese Chicken and Sweet Potato Curry (2)

A quick version of Ca Ri Ga ( chicken curry) from ” Alice’s Cook Book” by Alice Hart. If you have chopped root ginger or torn kaffir lime leaves add with the garlic. Prawns or cubed pork can be used instead of chicken. If you haver time leave the chicken to marinate for an hour before cooking. SErve with french baguette or some steamed rice.

Turkey Curry (4-6)

Sticking with todays theme of things to do with leftover Turkey, here is a curry with thai influences from ” Gizzi’s Seasons Eating’s” by Gizzi Erskine.