Apricot Liqueur

This recipe from Diana Henry makes 2 70 CL bottles. It can be drunk neat and cold or used to make Apricot Kir. You need to leave it for at least a week and preferably a month before drinking.

Cassis Baked Fruit (6)

Another delicious summer dessert from ” Cook Simple” by Diana Henry. You can add blackberries or blackcurrants to the cooked fruit before serving if you like.My friend Angela has made this using port instead of the red wine and this worked very well too. Serve with a big bowl of sweetened Mascarpone cheese mixed with Greek Yoghurt.

Vanilla Baked Apricots (4)

A good way with fresh apricots from ” Cook Simple” by Diana Henry. If you like you can replace the vanilla pod with the seeds from six cardamon pods and serve with Greek yoghurt drizzled with a little honey and scattered with pistachios . You can also swap the white wine with dry Marsala for another version.