Prawns in a Dark Sauce (4)

A recipe for prawns in a thin curry sauce from Madhur Jaffrey’s ” Indian Cookery”. Serve with some plain basmati rice and perhaps cauliflower with potates.

Prawns in a Dark Sauce (4)
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Prawns in a Dark Sauce (4)
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  1. Put the onion, ginger, garlic and 3 tbsps water into the container of a blender and blend until you have a paste.
  2. Heat the oil in a 20-23 cm wide pot over a medium high flame. When hot, put in the cinnamon, cardamon and bay leaves. Stir for 3-4 seconds then add the paste from the blender.
  3. Stir and fry for about five minutes or until the paste turns a light brown colour. Add the ground cumin and coriander and stir and fry for 30 seconds. Add the tomatoes and keep frying and stirring until you have a nice reddish brown paste.
  4. Put in 1 tbsp of the yoghurt and stir and fry for 10-15 seconds until absorbed. Add all the yoghurt this way, one tablespoon at a time.
  5. Add the turmeric and cayeene and stir for a minute. Now add half a pint of water, the salt and the prawns. Stir to mix and bring to a boil over a medium high flame. Cook for about 5 minutes until you have a good thick sauce, but dont overcook the prawns- you might want to add them a little bit later.
  6. Sprinkle the garam masala over the top and serve sprinkled with fresh coriander.
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