Sausage and Charred Citrus Traybake (4)

Sausages in an aromatic sweet and sour sauce from ” Mezcla” by Ixta Belfrage. If you like you could add some tinned or jarred beans to make this a more substantial dish, or serve with grilled bread to mop up the juices. Tuscan or Sicilian fennel and chilli sausages are good in this if you can find them, but if not any good quality and quite fatty sausages will do nicely.

Sausage and Charred Citrus Traybake (4)
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Sausage and Charred Citrus Traybake (4)
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For the Cucumber Salsa:
  1. Preheat the oven to 200 C Fan, 220 C.
  2. Place the first twelve ingredients in a large ( 34x 28 cm) baking tray. Mix very well, then spread the sausages out. Pour the water into the tray around the sausages ( don't get them wet).
  3. Roast for 35 to 40 minutes, turning the vegetables- but not the sausages- a couple of times. The sausages should be cooked through and the vegetables golden brown.
  4. While this is cooking place a large non stick frying pan on a high heat. Once very hot place the citrus halves cut side down in the pan and char for 3-4 minutes until the cut sides are nicely charred ( press down on the citrus to make sure they char evenly).
  5. For the salsa chop the cucumber into 1 cm cubes. Mix with the lime juice, oil and salt. Stir in the herbs just before serving.
  6. Transfer the contents of the baking tray to a platter . Squeeze over the charred citrus then stir in the beans, if using. Top with some of the cucumber salsa and serve the rest on the side.
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