Kleftiko Potatoes (4)

Here is another recipe for potatoes from Claire Thomson’s ” New Kitchen Basics”. The potatoes cook in the liquid soaking up the juices and turning soft and flavoursome. Any remaining oil should be spooned over the potatoes before serving.

Chickpea Salad (4)

A spicy fresh salad from ” Moro:the Cookbook” by Sam and Sam Clark. Serve as part of a mezze or with meat or fish. You can replace the dried chickpeas with two rinsed and drained 400g cans if wished.

Cod with Tahini Sauce (4)

A classic Lebanese recipe from ” Moro:the Cookbook” by Sam and Sam Clark. It can be served as part of a mezze or as a main course with some saffron rice and perhaps a chickpea salad. You can use any white fish- they suggest monkfish or sea bass as an alternative to cod.

Vegetable Paella (4-6)

This is from ” The Foods and Wines of Spain” by Penelope Casas. If preparing for vegetarians you can just use vegetable stock rather than chicken stock, and for vegans omit the eggs. Serve with a salad and perhaps a light red wine.