Pasta with Courgettes (2)

Another lovely way to use courgettes from Nigella Lawson’s ” Nigellissima”.

Pasta with Courgettes (2)
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Pasta with Courgettes (2)
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  1. Put on a pan of salted water for the pasta. When it comes to the boil add the pasta and cook according to packet instructions. While the pasta is cooking get on with the sauce.
  2. Put the garlic oil and spring onions in a heavy based pan on a medium heat and cook, stirring for one minute.
  3. Add the diced courgettes and cook for five minutes, stirring now and then.
  4. Add the wine or vermouth, letting it bubble up and 2 tbsps of the chopped parsley. Lower the heat, cover and cook for a further five minutes or until the courgettes are very tender.
  5. Before draining the pasta remove and reserve a cupful of the cooking water. Drain the pasta then tip the drained pasta back into the pan and add the courgettes, 3 tbsps parmesan and 4 tbsps of the cooking liquid. Combine well and taste to see if you want to add more cheese or seasoning or cooking liquid.
  6. Stir in the butter and most of the remaining parsley and divide between two bowls, Sprinkle with the remaining parsley and more parmesan if wished.
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