Aloo Chaat Salad (4)

An easy recipe from Claire Thomson’s ” New Kitchen Basics” . You can use other vegetables or fruit in the mix depending on what you have- for example cucumber, mango or pomegranate. Chaat is an Indian Spice blend which can be purchased in some supermarkets as well as Indian stores.

Scrambled Eggs with Spring Garlic and Mushrooms (2)

While in England we tend to have scrambled eggs for breakfast in Spain they are more likely to be offered for lunch or supper. There are many versions, but this is a favourite vegetarian one. If you like, you could add prawns. The oyster mushrooms could be replaced with other wild mushrooms such as girolles.

Wild Mushroom Macaroni Cheese (4)

Macaroni Cheese is great comfort food even if it usually blows the diet.  The basic recipe can sometimes  benefit from enhancement. This is my slightly  simplified version of a recipe by Jimmy Garcia aka  ” London’s Pop Up King”. Who would have thought this would be back on restaurant menus!

Oyster mushrooms, or other mushrooms can be used instead of wild mushrooms if preferred.