Oyster Mushroom Skewers with Chickpeas (2)

I only discovered how delicious and ” meaty” roast oyster mushrooms are when i started cooking from ” Mezcla” from Ixta Belfrage. Here’s a second recipe for them from her book.

Oyster Mushroom Skewers with Chickpeas (2)
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Oyster Mushroom Skewers with Chickpeas (2)
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  1. Preheat the oven to 220°C fan/240°C.
  2. For the chilli oil, whisk all the ingredients together and set aside.
  3. Tear any larger mushrooms in half and keep the small ones whole. Put them into a large bowl with the chilli oil. Mix well – the mushrooms should be completely coated with the oil.
  4. Line a flat baking tray with parchment paper. Thread the mushrooms on to the skewers and arrange them on the tray, spaced apart. Roast for 16–18 minutes, basting halfway, until the edges of the mushrooms are crisp and golden-brown.
  5. While the mushrooms are roasting, put all the ingredients for the crushed chickpeas into a large bowl and roughly crush with a potato masher (or pulse in a food processor). Add salt to taste – you’ll need more if your chickpeas weren’t salted to start with. I like the contrast between room-temperature chickpeas and hot mushrooms, but you can warm up the chickpeas if you prefer.
  6. When you’re ready to serve, mix all the ingredients for the salsa together with a good pinch of flaked salt.
  7. Spread the chickpeas on a platter, then swirl through the remaining 20g of yoghurt. Top with the skewers and the chilli oil from the tray. Spoon over the salsa verde and serve.
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