Rhubarb and Cheddar Tart (4-6)

Here is an unusual recipe from Skye McAlpine but dont be put off. Its from her new book ” A Table Full of Love”. It works best with the long, thin and very pink stems that you get early in the season. And as far as i know there is no shortage of rhubarb in the UK right now.

Meringues for Queen Sophia (10)

A spectacular Eton Messy sort of pudding from ” Notes from a Small Kitchen Island” by Debora Robertson. You can make all the components the day before if you like, but remember to allow enough chilling time after you assemble the pudding. And if you don’t feel like making the caramel yourself just go for the Dulce de Leche option. Enjoyx

Christmas Tiramisu ( 6-8)

I still have a larder and fridge well overstocked with festive food offerings due to unavoidable but last minute plan changes in the numbers catered for at several points. So I have been searching around looking for new ways to use this up. Here’s a dessert offering from Matt Tebbutt .