Normandy Lamb with Cider (6)

A French recipe for roast lamb from ” Cook Simple” by Diana Henry. It’s good served with flageolet beans ( canned and drained are fine) heated with a big knob of butter, salt and pepper, a squeeze of lemon and a handful of chopped parsley.

Normandy Lamb with Cider (6)
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Normandy Lamb with Cider (6)
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  1. Trim the lamb of any raggedy bits of fat. Make small incisions all over the leg and stuff each hole with a sliver of garlic and a little bit of thyme. Rub the butter over the joint, stuffing some of it deep down into the incisions, then season generously.
  2. Roast in an oven preheated to 220 C, 200 Fan Gas 7 for 15 minutes then turn the heat down to 190 C, 170 Fan Gas 5 and cook for another 50 minutes. Put the lamb on a heated platter, cover with foil and cover with tea towels to insulate it while it rests for 15 minutes.
  3. Pour the roasting juices into a jug and skim off the fat. Set the roasting tin over a medium heat and deglaze the pan with the cider and calvados. Boil until the liquid is reduced by two thirds then add the stock and cooking juices.
  4. Boil until this is reduced by two thirds then add the creme fraiche and boil until slightly syrupy.
  5. Serve the lamb on a warm platter with the sauce in a gravy boat.
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