Jewish Chicken Soup (6)

A restorative chicken broth, also known as ” Jewish Penicillin” from the New Covent Garden ” Book of Soups”. It is also traditionally eaten on Shabbat. It’s even better the day after you make it and it freezes well. You can also use a chicken carcass to make the soup.

Jewish Chicken Soup (6)
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Jewish Chicken Soup (6)
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  1. First make the stock. Put the chicken into a large saucepan with the water. Cover, bring to the boil and simmer very gently for 5 minutes, carefully skimming off any scum which forms on the surface.
  2. Add the chopped herbs and all the vegetables except the carrots. Simmer very gently for 90 minutes, skimming from time to time.
  3. Remove the chicken with a slotted spoon and separate the meat from the bone, reserving it for the soup. Cover and simmer for a further 30 minutes then discard the vegetables. Cool the stock and chill overnight. Remove the solid fat that has formed on the surface.
  4. Transfer the stock to a large saucepan. Cover, bring to the boil and add the carrots. Check seasoning and simmer for 10-25 minutes until the carrots are tender. Meanwhile, cut the chicken into bite size pieces.
  5. Add the peas and lochoen oe egg vermicilli and cook for 5 minutes. Return the chicken to the soup and heat through. Serve.
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