Strawberry Bircher Muesli (4-6)

Strawberry Bircher Muesli (4-6)
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Strawberry Bircher Muesli (4-6)
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  1. Sprinkle the oats in a single layer in a large shallow pan and toast them lightly over a moderate heat. Remove from the heat when they smell warm and nutty and their colour will darken slightly.
  2. Let the oats cool, then put them in a bowl with the apple juice, honey, grated apple, a little sugar if you wish, and a generous pinch of salt. Cover and refrigerate overnight.
  3. Slice the strawberries, put them in a mixing bowl and scatter the sugar over them. Squeeze in the orange juice, then add a few drops of balsamic vinegar to taste. Set aside in the fridge overnight.
  4. Next morning, fold the yogurt into the bircher muesli followed by the strawberries, then serve.
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