Squid with Onions and Black Beans (4)

A recipe for stir fried squid from ” Eat Your Greens” by Sophie Grigson.

Squid with Onions and Black Beans (4)
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Squid with Onions and Black Beans (4)
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  1. Clean the squid then score the inside of the sac and wings in a criss cross pattern. Cut the sac into pieces about 1" by 2 ".
  2. Soak the chillies in warm water for 10 minutes. Drain, remove the seeds and finely chop.
  3. Mash the black beans roughly with the sherry and sugar then stir in the cornflour.
  4. Heat the oil in a wok over a high heat. When just beginning to smoke add the garlic, chilli and ginger. Stir and fry for a few seconds.
  5. Add the onion and continue stir frying for 2 minutes, until they are softening and slightly browned.
  6. Add squid to the pan and stir fry for 30 seconds to a minute until opaque and curled- dont leave it longer or it will become chewier.
  7. Stir the black bean sauce then add to the wok, stirring to coat the squid and onion. Simmer for a minute until thickened then serve immediately.
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