Spaghetti with Garlic, Chilli and Breadcrumbs (4)

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Spaghetti with Garlic, Chilli and Breadcrumbs (4)
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Spaghetti with Garlic, Chilli and Breadcrumbs (4)
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  1. Cook the pasta in a pan of salted boiling water as per the packet instructions.
  2. In a separate pan that’s large enough to hold the pasta, heat the butter and two tablespoons of the olive oil. Toast the breadcrumbs in this until they are golden brown. Lightly season, remove from the pan, and leave to one side.
  3. To the same pan add the rest of the oil and lightly heat it. Add the garlic and chilli and very slowly sauté them, barely heating, just to soften the garlic.
  4. Take half a cup of the pasta water while it’s cooking and add this to the garlic pan, cooking to reduce it down to form a sauce with the oil.
  5. When the pasta is cooked, drain well, reserving a few tablespoons of the remaining cooking water.Add the pasta to the garlic pan and toss it well, adding the parsley. Add the reserved cooking juices if needed.
  6. Serve the pasta with the toasted breadcrumbs on top.
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