Pancetta, Thyme and Fontina Tart (2-4)

A lovely tart using ready made puff pastry from Nigel Slater.

Pancetta, Thyme and Fontina Tart (2-4)
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Pancetta, Thyme and Fontina Tart (2-4)
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  1. Set the oven at 220C/gas mark 8. Remove any thick skin from the pancetta and cut the meat into small dice, with no pieces larger than 0.5cm.
  2. Pour the olive oil in a shallow pan, place the discarded pancetta skin in the oil – its fat will enrich the oil – and warm gently. Peel and halve the shallots then dice finely and add to the pan together with the cubed pancetta.
  3. As the shallot softens and the pancetta sizzles, stir regularly, moving everything round the pan from time to time. Add the leaves from half of the thyme.
  4. Coarsely grate the fontina. Cut the pastry in half and roll out each sheet to a rectangle measuring 32cm x 20cm. Place an empty baking sheet in the oven. Line a second baking sheet with baking parchment.
  5. Lay the pastry on the baking parchment. Divide the grated cheese between the pastry sheets, scattering it evenly over all but the outer rim of the pastry.
  6. Scatter the softened shallots and the pancetta and its fat over the pastry, discarding the pancetta skin as you go. Add the remaining sprigs of thyme then place the baking sheet on top of the hot sheet already in the oven.
  7. Bake for 15 minutes till the pastry is crisp and lightly risen, then remove from the oven and cut into wide slices.
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