Kale and Blood Orange Salad (2-4)

A warm salad from Anna Jones, which is good with crisp roast potatoes. it would also be nice with some burrata.

Kale and Blood Orange Salad (2-4)
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Kale and Blood Orange Salad (2-4)
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  1. Heat a little oil in a large frying pan, add the onion and garlic, and cook on a medium heat for eight to 10 minutes, until soft and sweet (make sure you keep stirring so it doesn’t catch).
  2. Once the onions are cooked, add the blood orange segments, sherry vinegar and honey.
  3. Cook for four to five minutes, until the oranges are starting to caramelise and catch around the edges; be brave here, because the blood oranges will be wet at first, then, as the liquid dries off, they will caramelise. Tip the lot out on to a plate.
  4. Add a little more oil to the pan, add the kale, turn up the heat and cook for a few minutes, until the kale has lost its rawness and its edges are crisp.
  5. Meanwhile, mix the nuts, sesame seeds, lemon zest and two tablespoons of olive oil, and cook in a small frying pan for two to three minutes, until crisp and starting to brown.
  6. Tip the kale into a serving bowl, toss with the oranges, then sprinkle with the nuts, sesame seeds and sumac.
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