Lentils with Pomegranate and Cashews (4)

My friend Angela introduced me to this colourful and healthy all in one daal from Rukmini Iyer’s ” The Green Roasting Tin”. It was so good i had to cook it myself a few days later, omitting the cashews and serving with sausages. But it is also very good on its own, served with naan or rice. I was a bit doubtful that the lentils would cook properly in the oven, but they were perfect.

Keralan Egg Roast (4)

An easy egg curry from ” Fresh Flavours of India ” by Das Sreedharan. When i lived in Stoke Newington I had two of his Rasa restaurants within a 15 minute walk. Although I didn’ t eat there often ( what a missed opportunity…) I can honestly say it was the best South Indian food I have ever eaten in the UK. I serve this with a spinach curry alongside and some rice or naan.

Skate with Warm Green Salsa (2)

This is from Delia Smith’s ” Summer Collection”, a book i suspect many of us have had on our shelves at one time or another judging by the number of copies I now see in second hand shops. I like to eat this with chips or mashed potatoes. The sauce goes well with any fried fish.

Saffron Rice (4)

A subtly scented rice served at weddings and special occasions in much of the Muslim world. The rice needs to be soaked for three hours before cooking but after this it is very quick to cook. This version is from ” Moro:the Cookbook” by Sam and Sam Clark.