Padang Eggs (4-8)

A recipe for hard boiled eggs in a rich and aromatic sauce from ” Fire Islands: Recipes from Indonesia” by Eleanor Ford.They are good served with some green vegetables rice or perhaps fried potatoes.

Pasta with Brussels Sprouts, Cheese and Potato (8-12)

When my better half and I were in Italy recently he ate a dish called Pizzoccheri on a number of occasions. That dish originates from Valtellina in Lombary and includes buckwheat tagliatelle, potatoes, savoy cabbage and Taleggio or Fontina Cheese. I have not yet managed to find a local source of the pasta and though it can be ordered online I am sure the dried version is not the same. This is Nigella Lawson’s Anglo version from her book ” Nigellissima”.

Bacon and Egg Pie (6)

This is from ” Cook at Home” by Peter Gordon. Its his stepmothers recipe and he thinks it is the best in the universe, and almost better cold the next day. And very easy if you use ready made pastry. In summer, slices of fresh tomatoes on top work well too.