Cauliflower and Pear Bake (4-6)

A recipe from Israel to serve as a main with salad or to accompany roasts or kebabs. In 1980 I spent four months volunteering on Kibbutz Eynat in Petah Tikva near Tel Aviv. I mostly worked in the restaurant ( three shifts…) or bakery( nights) but they also grew cotton besides the runway at Tel Aviv airport. Volunteers were not meant to work there but we did, and it was my favourite job as we completed work by late morning leaving the rest of the day free. It involved a 5 am start and drive to the airport , then after a couple of hours we would take a breakfast break. We would finish by 11am because after that it was to too hot. Back to the kibbutz for lunch and an afternoon spent lounging by the pool.

The recipe is from ” Vegetarian Dishes from the Middle East” by Arto Der Haroutunian.

Wild Mushroom and Stilton Filo Pie (6)

A vegetarian Christmas treat from Scandinavian chef Signe Johansen .It can be scaled down for two to three people.Use one sheet of filo per person and either make smaller pies, using a large muffin tin tray or small pastry tins, or simply place the filling in the middle of the pastry and fold over each layer, making sure to brush oil or melted butter on the exterior and base of the filo so it bakes to a crisp, golden finish.