Parmesan Cake (8)

This is another cake to serve cut into small pieces to accompany drinks as an alternative to Le Cake au Herbs. Alternatively it could be served alongside a meat or vegetable stew . Leftovers can be toasted and eaten as they are, or topped with some fried mushrooms and Greek yoghurt. You can add herbs for variation if wished. The recipe is from Sophie Grigson’s ” Sophies Table”.

Souped Up Soup (2-3)

This is from Ruth Watson’s ” Fat Girl Slim”, a book for those of us who want to watch our weight without “dieting”. She also suggests optional extras for when you have already shed those extra pounds. I like to make it using the New Covent Garden Souper Green Soup when this is available, but any carton of fresh vegetable soup will do. You can use any green vegetables or mushrooms in the soup, depending on what you have in the fridge. It’s great for those days when you want to eat a relatively healthy supper but don’t really want to cook.