Bath Soft Mac ‘N’ Cheese (4)

Park Farm in Kelston is the home of the Bath Soft Cheese Company and I will always call in there- usually for an ice cream- if walking in the area. This recipe uese the lovely cheeses they make which you can buy there and in local farmers markets. I found the recipe in ” The Bristol and Bath Cookbook”

Alpine Macaroni Cheese (4)

I am clearly on a Mac n Cheese roll today which probably means i need some comfort food. Here is a version from Felicity Cloake. Now i will let you in on a little secret for those who share my love of the better versions of this dish. . If you live in or near Bristol then there is a van which sells yummy Mac n Cheese called Alp Mac- usually at least three or more versions. At the moment they can be found at Finzels Reach and Harbourside Food Markets. You can check out their Alp Mac Facebook page for more information.