Goats Cheese Salad with Sultana Dressing (4)

This is from Ruth Watson’s ” The Really Helpful Cookbook”. The dressing needs to be made 24 hours ahead, but the salad should be assembled when ready to serve.

Goats Cheese Salad with Sultana Dressing (4)
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Goats Cheese Salad with Sultana Dressing (4)
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  1. For the dressing combine both vinegars in a small bowl and stir in the sultanas. Leave at room temperature for 6-12 hours so the sultanas plump up. Add the oil and season, then whisk vigorously. Leave at room temperature for another 2-8 hours.
  2. To make the croutons pour in enough oil to cover the base of a large non stick frying pan and place over a medium high heat. When the oil is hot fry the cubes of bread for a couple of minutes, tossing constantly, until light golden brown. Remove with a slotted spoon and drain on kitchen paper.
  3. Preheat the grill 10 mins before serving the salad. Before you start grilling the cheese scoop out the sultanas from the dressing and toss with the salad leaves and tarragon in a large bowl. But dont dress the salad yet.
  4. Put the cheese halves on a heavy baking sheet, season then grill for 3-4 minutes. The cheese will bubble , with a few golden blisters. Remove and keep warm.
  5. Quickly pour some of the dressing - just enough to coat the leaves- over the salad and toss the leaves well. Divide the salad between serving plates and strew on some croutons. Top each pile of leaves with the grilled goats cheese. Serve immediately.
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