Apple and Vanilla Compote (4)

Its the beginning of the apple season here is the UK and as a member and the Treasurer of our local community orchard i know i can look forward to a bounty of apples over the coming weeks. I am trying to refrain from buying any more cookery books but came across ” Apple” by James Rich in my local charity shop today and it clearly had my name on it. James is the son of a Somerset cider farmer and has a wealth of knowledge about growing and using the fruit. You can be sure there will be quite a few recipes for apples coming your way over the next few weeks. Serve this with granola and yoghurt for breakfast.

Apple and Vanilla Compote (4)
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Apple and Vanilla Compote (4)
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  1. Melt the butter in a saucepan over a medium heat. Add the sugar and cook for a couple of minutes until dissolved.
  2. Add the chopped apples and reduce the temperature to simmer gently for about five minutes until the apples are cooked and start to break down. Make sure there are still chunks of apple in the compote for texture.
  3. Add the vanilla pod and seeds and a pinch of salt, then stew for a further minute.
  4. Remove the pan from the heat and discard the vanilla pod. Pour into a serving dish and serve hot or cold. It will keep in the refrigerator for three days.
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